Recommendation for women

Under the supervision of Dr. Yukiko Shimizu specializing in Gynecology, we have a variety of departments specializing in women's healthcare. We also have a women-friendly environment including an interior design with soft colors, and 3 consultation rooms dedicated to female patients. Many of our staffs are also women, making it easier for female patients to relax and give full attention to their health.

GynecologyPhysician Schedule >

It takes a little courage to visit the gynecology department for the first time. However, the gynecology department can support both your health and well-being throughout your life. Instead of only visiting the hospital when you are ill, please use us wisely to support your daily life. Please feel free to inquire us.

Yukiko Shimizu,M.D.,Ph.D  Director of the Kameda Kyobashi Clinic

UrogynecologyPhysician Schedule >

As woman grow older, many suffer from bladder control and POP (pelvic organ prolapse)*. Many hesitate going to the hospital due to embarrassment and the fact that they are “old and must live with it”. But both of these conditions are curable if treated with proper care. In Kameda Kyobashi Clinic, Japan's top-class physicians specializing in the area will be in charge of your conditions. Please consult us at any time.

*POP (pelvic organ prolapse) is a condition when a pelvic organ (such as bladder) drops from its normal position and pushes against the walls of the vagina.

Dr. Masayoshi Nomura  Chairman of Ulogynecology Center

Breast SurgeryPhysician Schedule >

Breast cancer attracted the world's attention by the decision of an actress, Ms. Angelina Jolie. Studies show that now, 1 out of every 16 woman suffer from the disease also in Japan. Prevention and early detection are crucial to curing breast cancer. Kameda Kyobashi Clinic has 2 digital mammography examination units from the world's biggest breast examination maker Siemens and Philips. Having competing brands in the same clinic is an unusual case throughout the world.

If these examination units detect breast cancer, our skilled team will be in charge of treatment. Our team has experience of 500+ cases of surgical procedures (both surgery and Cryotherapy) for breast cancer in Kameda Medical Center (Kamogawa, Chiba) in a year. Director of Breast Surgery, Dr. Eisuke Fukuma is internationally recognized for cryotherapy (a method where cryoablation will freeze tumors and kill them) known as an outpatient surgery which will hardly causes a scar.

Dr. Eisuke Fukuma  Director of Breast Surgery

Proctologist for womanPhysician Schedule >

Many women suffer from excretion difficulties. As well as Gynecology and Urology related condition, this too is a condition that discourages woman from going to hospitals. Kameda Kyobashi Clinic has established an outpatient “Proctology and Excretion Treatment” dedicated to women every Thursday. A female physician will be in charge of advising both surgical and other methods of treatment. Please consult us.

Dr. Tomoko Takahashi  Assistant Chief of medical department, Kameda Kyobashi Clinic